“Handle your mind like a skillful rider of a horse, neither too tight or too loose a rein”

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Is defined as “the awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally, to things as they are, with kindness.”

What we do

Mindful Mind offers an opportunity to explore the many benefits of upgrading our brain

For more choice, wellbeing, creative, effective and joyful habits. In practicing mindfulness we release automatic outdated modes of thinking. Mindfulness and Mindful meditations are ways of training ourselves to be aware, focused, open minded, curious, joyful, observe our difficulties, ride the waves of change in our lives, and be present in our life as it is. 

This site offers Mindfulness based Stress reduction and Cognitive therapy as approaches to increasing wellbeing.

Mindfulness gives us permission to respond differently to life’s challenges, and our thoughts, emotions, sensations, experiences.

Paying attention to our experience in the present movement offers us choice, wisdom, kindness, compassion, acceptance, patience, freedom of choice, clarity, contentment, great perception, letting go, befriending our mind, open-minded spaciousness, capacity to be with life, no striving, non-judgmental, pausing, connecting to thinking again with the wisdom of body, mind and heart.

Above all, mindfulness and meditation is the practice and skill of rewiring our reptilian brain for more calm, compassion and equanimity in our diverse and amazing 21 st century world.