Mindfulness Coaching

1-2-1 Sessions

One-to-one Sessions

If for reasons of distance, mobility/health or preference you can’t attend a group course, then individual classes in mindfulness give you the chance to learn mindfulness in a way that’s tailored to your circumstances. 

You'll have the benefits of personal attention and support, a flexible approach to the structure of the sessions and detailed feedback and discussions around your practice.

Or it may be that you have some experience of mindfulness and would like one or two sessions to refresh your practice, or there’s a particular aspect of your practice that you’re struggling with and would like some help with.

Belinda has taught mindfulness- MBSR,MBCT, MBCP, Mindfulness for sleep, pain, self-compassion and loving kindness to groups and individuals for stress, anxiety, chronic pain, work/life balance, resilience, emotional and physical health conditions, as well as for general well-being.

Here are some suggestions for taking one-to-one mindfulness:

– An introductory ‘taster’ session of one hour, with optional follow-up session
The best way to find out about mindfulness is to do it! In this session, you get an introduction to mindfulness meditation and to everyday mindfulness, as well as a brief explanation of what mindfulness is and how it works. You will receive a link to my audios on Soundcloud, and notes to take away, as well as suggestions for how to incorporate mindfulness into your life.

Fees: £94-£65.00 for one 1 hour session; £150 for one 1 hour session and one 1 hour follow-up session. Fess payable vary Third Space Medicine-Soho, or The Gestalt Centre, Islington or Beckenham. Fees vary in accordance with location. In accordance to location

– A refresher session of one hour.

If you already have experience of mindfulness, then you’ll know that sometimes your practice drifts and is less regular, or you practice can become a bit stale, lacking in engagement and inspiration. Here, you have an opportunity to talk about your practice and how to re-engage with it. We’ll explore what inspires you to practice, as well as practical approaches to re-establishing your practice.


– 4 week Starter Courses – Reducing Stress; Managing Ill-health; Improving Well-being; Building Self-Confidence and Self-Compassion

These 4 session courses will give you the foundation to learn how you can engage with mindfulness and compassion to live your life more fully, whether by lessening stress, becoming more confident, living more peacefully with ill-health or chronic pain, or coming to know yourself more fully and more deeply. 

– 6 or 8 week courses – Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR); 

If you can’t take a group course, don’t worry – you can do the course on a one-to-one basis, with the option of joining a drop in group for a few hours’ practice during the time you’re taking the course. These are all well-established, highly-regarded courses, that Belinda has been teaching regularly in the last six years. 

– Weekly sessions
You may prefer to simply attend sessions week by week and pay as you go. The advantage of this is that you have greater flexibility in terms of what you would like to bring to the session, gain from and how many sessions to attend and what times; the disadvantage is that without advance booking you cannot always be sure of getting the times you want.

One-to-One Mindfulness by phone or Skype

If distance or mobility/health/working practices are an issue, then coaching mindfulness classes by phone or Skype is a great way to benefit from training in Mindfulness based Interventions such as:

Mindfulness based Stress reduction

Mindfulness based Cognitive therapy,

Mindfulness based Childbirth and parenting

Nurturing Parenting – Mindfulness and wellbeing for parents. 

Mindfulness and wellbeing in Fertility 

Clean Sleep – Mindfulness for Deeper Sleep and Rest.

The cost is £60.00 per session or £350.00 for 8 sessions