Mindful Massage*

Would you like to benefit from the powerful benefits of Mindfulness Meditation and deep relaxation but in the past have had difficulty meditating?

Mindfulness massage is a safe, effective, and quick way to become in touch with your senses and breathing. Being aware of your senses and breathing are the best way to calm your mind and body.

Mindful massage is a unique combination of guided Mindfulness meditations (As per the 8 week MBCT programme) and massage.

I have developed this technique over 25 years experience, training and practise of massage, Tai chi, qi gong, yoga, meditation, CBT and mindfulness based cognitive therapy.

The benefits of Mindful Massage are: relaxed muscles, calm breathing and nervous system, improved mood, and stimulation of the immune system. Mindfulness also reduces pain, stress, anxiety, tension, blood pressure, insomnia and is effective in digestive and hormonal issues. It can support you in making effective changes in your thinking capacity and how you react to thoughts and feelings. Mindfulness can help us create our more relaxed spiritual none religious side, with more compassion, acceptance, loving kindness and better relationships.

Mindful Present

I recommend a course 6 sessions session’ s, backed up with Mindfulness meditation recordings for use on a daily basis to retrain your mind to be present, now, and let go of the burden and baggage of worry, guilt and old patterns of thinking. Allow space for increased clarity, none judgement, acceptance, creativity, equanimity and peace of mind. (Gift package available)

At its heart is the mindfulness body scan and focused attention on breathing. Guidance is given in the practise of mindfulness based cognitive therapy, being present and observing thoughts while not reacting to them.

Mindfulness based cognitive therapy is a scientifically proven way to reduce anxiety, stress, stress related health issues, tension, sleep problems, pain reduction depression and relapse as well as many other emotional health issues. NICE and The Mental Health Foundation recommend MBCT.

Mindful Massage is exclusively available in:

Central London at  www.thethirdspace.com

Tunbridge Wells, Kent  by appointment

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