8 session experiential course offering you the opportunity to explore Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy.

MBCT integrates mindfulness meditation techniques with elements of cognitive therapy.

Clinical trials have shown it to be a cost-effective method of reducing relapse and recurrence in people who have suffered recurrent episodes of depression.

The approach is however also used to help clients with anxiety, chronic pain and fatigue, eating disorders and stress.

Mindfulness based Cognitive therapy an evidence-based approach recommended by the NHS, NICE, Mental Health Foundation and MIND to reduce the reactions to stress, stress related, illness, depression, anxiety and prevention of relapse. 

The benefits of MBCT are:

  • reduce feelings of anxiety, stress, sadness, unhappiness, exhaustion,
  • improve memory,  concentration, performance increase selection of choice in problem solving
  • Increase creativity 
  • Inspire leaders and improve culture
  • Increase presenteeism
  • Improve Work-Life and flow
  • improve skills in working with diversity
  • Increase wellbeing and resilience
  • Reduce stress related illness

The course will allow you to experience mindfulness meditation practices, mindful eating and mindful movements,  to cultivate you ability to rest in the present moment and focus you attention on what is here now. This helps you break free form ruminations, worry, panic and feeling overwhelmed.  Each meditation will be followed with an opportunity to reflect on, make meaning of, share experience of the meditation and discuss; thoughts, feelings, body sensations and your experiences. You will be invited to commit yourself to practising what you learn at home on a daily basis and to read the hand outs you will be supplied with. The course is very similar to MBSR but with specific emphasis on overcoming difficulties, befriending and bring compassion to our lives.

Kindly wear comfortable clothing and bring a beach towel and a blanket for the ‘exercises on the floor’. You may bring lunch or go to nearby shops or cafes. Refreshments and snacks will be provided.

It is quite common that you will experience a number of different emotions during mindfulness practice. I recommend you find yourself a ‘buddy’ you can share things with (phone, e-mail) during the four-week break until we meet on the second weekend. 


This course is not recommended for people currently suffering from depression, psychosis, suicidal ideation or who have recently experienced bereavement. Occasionally, Belinda will record herself teaching for supervision purposes and in keeping with Good Practice guideline for the Mindfulness teacher network.

If you are suffering from a serious illness or have recently had a major operation please let me know.

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DAY: Sunday
FORMAT: 4 Sessions + Retreat
DATE: Starts 12. June 2016
TIME: 16.30-20.30
LOCATION: 6 Fitzroy Square

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