Mindfulness for Effective Sleep Programing

8 practical workshops for Fantastic sleeping habits.

Course Overview

Sleeping well is as crucial to our health and wellbeing as eating a healthy diet or exercising regularly. Just a quarter of us sleep well most nights, with almost half of us losing sleep as a result of worry and stress.

This 8 session program consists of 8 x 1.5 hour training workshops with unique content in each.

Belinda invites you to turn the volume down on your monkey mind through teachings from her evidence based, mix of natural health, nutrition, CBT, Sleep hygiene, mindful exercise, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and mindfulness based stress reduction to rewiring your mind and body for restful sleep and less stress in this comprehensive program. Belinda provides bespoke sleep mp3 meditation podcasts for all participants.


Better sleep improves emotional stability, calmer, less tense, vitality, positivity, resilience, increased creativity problem solving, focus, patience, kindness, present moment awareness, immune boosting, less weight issues, slower aging, better memory, increased performance, better relationship.

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.”

-Irish Proverb

Session 1 - Sleep Awareness – Coming to our senses.

This session offers a practical guide to the benefits of mindfulness meditations focusing on present moment experiences in the senses for deep sleep programming.

Our mind gets overactive analyzing, telling us stories: “What if “ “Why”, “Don’t forget”, the past and future. Thinking does not have an “OFF” button.  Mindfulness awareness & meditation training is an evidence-based approach to turning the volume right down, calming our mind/nervous system for optimum wellbeing. 

We will explore of Tai chi/yoga like tension releasing movements, sounds, breathing, training our wandering mind to develop focus, attitudes and intentions to prepare for deep sleep programming.

Session 2 - Living in our heads-Sleepy head

Here we explore neuroscience to understand the brains’ nature.

45% of thoughts we have today are the same as yesterdays!!!

Our mind is often off on autopilot, endlessly evaluate for possible threat/stress. 

Our reptilian hyper-vigilant impulses and thinking can make our thoughts a stormy sea, when we want to float in calm and peace. 

Mindfulness meditations and CBT help us rewire our brain to respond, focus, calm, observe and let go. We explore our favourite thinking patterns, and mindfulness meditations to breaking free create, new habits for soothing, restful sleep and cultivate our wellbeing plan.

Session 3 - Bed Head – Taming our inner monkey brain with kindness and acceptance

Here we cultivate urge surfing, our awareness, mindful attitudes and meditation.

 In our digital age we can get addicted to checking, expecting the instant, getting frustrated with reality, caught in the doing world and forgetting we are humans and need rest!

A digital break for surfing, future based thinking for the pleasures of this moment. We softly, gently, enjoy, calm, peace and the pleasure of sleeping.

Our practice will include: Mindful walking meditation, 3-step breathing space to interrupt rumination and obsessing, self hypnosis/relaxation techniques.

Session 4 - Effective sleep - Recognising reactions, letting go, stress and thinking patterns

Here we explore mindfulness everywhere; any day, night, training our minds to respond to life with calm, curiosity, patience and timely actions. 

We cultivate sitting, walking and standing meditations and interrupting/letting go of tension/overthinking.  Enjoy simple activities to create time to pause and check in on reality. We will cultivate insight and connection.

By getting to know our Neanderthal reactions, we can affect our thinking, moods and behaviours. An opportunity to create happiness positivity, choice, perspective and more relaxed.

Session 5 - Understanding how hormones and external factors influence our sleep for greater resilience and restful sleep

Here we gain understanding of how our body clock, hormones, tides, time and sleeping habits affect our sleep. 

With this information, we can create a natural self-care plan. We cultivate meditations, visualisations, aromatherapy, herbs, attitudes, teas and journaling to develop resilience to these changes and have better rest and sleep.

When we move away from our normal rhythms and we cannot sleep, or have disturbed sleep we can notice how horrible we feel. Respond mindfully towards this and harness nature to cultivate new ways of taking care of yourself.

Session 6 - Rewiring our brains for better sleep

Here we explore thoughts, our senses, what keeps us awake, tossing, thrashing and getting frustrated. 

This is an experiential and practical workshop in Mindfulness based stress reduction, mindful listening and speaking, meditations, relaxation techniques and other calming sleep tools.

A bit like a PC we need to close our programs at the end of the day and upgrade our software. Neuroscience, sleep hygiene, mindful meditations practices rewire our brains in getting perspective, patience, letting go of the day/past, calming and focusing. 

These are life skills for enhancing wellbeing. 

Session 7 - OPTIMAL SLEEP PERFORMANCE - How can we bring more harmony to our life?

If you are tired of waking up feeling exhausted, this sleep wellbeing program is for you. 

A practical workshop to nurture effective, evidence based blissful sleep habits. Whether you’ve had sleep problems since childhood, or suffer with insomnia for other reasons, this session we cultivate tools that you can practice to take good care of yourself, wherever you are. 

Here we practice, Mindful awareness, calming, soothing, compassion, breathing, sound and sight meditations to take positive steps of our emotional and physical wellbeing.


Here is practical experiential workshop acting as a summary and introduction of mindfulness for effective sleep programing. The 10 top tips for better sleep and rest.

We remind ourselves of the stages of sleep, types of insomnia, sleep hygiene, what makes insomnia worse, how our emotional and physical health affects our sleep, and the benefits of Mindfulness based cognitive therapy, an evidence based approach.  We practice various meditations mindfulness rituals and wellbeing.

Maintaining and extending our learning, we discuss our action plan for future wellbeing.

(These techniques, ideas and opinions are not a substitute for medical advice.)