Mindfulness for Stress and Fertility Issues

Our reptilian brain is hard-wired to survive and create offspring. What is enormously challenging is when we hear the maternal call but our call is not answered.

Sometimes there is no reason for fertility difficulties.

Sometimes we have been dealt a rough hand and hit the road of endless appointments, disappointments and invasive treatments with no guarantee, but driven by our natural desire and hope.

At the beginning we have no way of knowing how the stress, hormonal, physical and chemical interventions will affect us or our relationships.

We can easily get caught up in a tidal wave of emotions; waiting, hoping, trying again, waiting, sadness, waiting, trying again etc. 

Mindfulness based cognitive therapy can be like a safe island to check out of stress reactions , weather the storms of our emotions and get a different perspective. Research has shown that doing mindfulness meditation training, in addition to its effect on stress reduction, also causes significant increase in mental clarity, mental health and decreases physical stress, low mood, anxiety and panic.  

The Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy has an important role in improvement of symptoms; significantly increasing quality of life, coping mechanisms for loss, and other difficult emotions and physical health. Many couples and individuals feel isolated and unique in their problems.  The group adds a therapeutic component to couples, understanding our common humanity. Mindfulness training, not only reduces negative feelings, but also develops resilience and expands the value of our relationships in these times.

Mindfulness for Stress and fertility issues is an intervention specifically for those suffering with stress and fertility issues.  Specifically for couples or individuals who are undergoing treatment or recovery from treatment. Participants are expected to commit to mindfulness meditation and practices with an attitude of non-striving and self-care.

This is a group course of 8 weeks based on MBSR. (If 1-2-1 solely is preferred then please then this is possible in person or over Skype however group-session are proven to be more beneficial)

Prior to being accepted onto the course, there will be a pre-course interview by phone Skype.