Stress & Wellbeing (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction MBSR)

Learn simple and effective resource of Mindful awareness, meditation and movement to increased focus, creativity, wellbeing, problem solving skills, let go of worry, pain, health problems and stress to rewire for more resilience and happiness.

Skills are cultivated in a group a relaxed and friendly environment.

Like any skill, we are rewiring our brains for new skills and we benefit from regular daily practice to see changes. You will receive on-line guided meditations and podcasts to listen to at home, plane, anytime, anywhere.

What is Mindfulness?  

Mindfulness is a very effective way of training our attention and increasing our choice of helpful choices and coping skills in our life of challenges, difficulties and opportunities.  Mindfulness has been extensively researched as a way of making new more helpful neural connections in our brains. Like a smart brain gym! We practice Mindfulness meditations formal and informal for everyday life situations.  We develop our attention, perspective, awareness , diversity, open-minded, willingness, heartfulness, non judgment, curiosity, patience and self compassion to name a few. We cultivate and embody for equanimity. 

In our fast-paced world, we are increasingly reacting automatically, too busy to notice much of what is going on inside or around us.   We can easily become addicted to the future focus and our digital stimulations. By training our attention in a kindly way, we can live more fully in the present, rather than brooding about the past or worrying about the future, we notice how pleasant and contented we can be in the present moment.  Mindfulness helps reduce the power of unhelpful thoughts which are often ‘running the show’.  It helps us to connect with our experiences and in time to better manage difficult thoughts, behaviours, reactions and feelings.

We may become more: calm, peaceful, emotionally stable, happy, open minded, resilient, creative, able to communicate with ease in relationships, suffer less, become more health and cope better with ill health or pain more comfortable as a parent, competent and compassionate in problem solving with our challenges and wellbeing.

The evidence

There are thousands of research studies on mindfulness, including successful trials ( and it has been shown to be helpful in reducing stress, anxiety and addictive tendencies, is approved by NICE, and has been shown to have powerful effects on the brain, nervous system and immune responses, health, resilience, creativity, wellebeing amongst other things.

Applying for the course

There are a maximum of 21 places for this course so early registration is advised. 

Once you have applied, you will be asked to submit a brief paragraph outlining why you want to do this course and what, if any, previous experience you have of mindfulness (none is necessary). This will help the teachers get to know you a little better.

It is an introduction to Mindfulness consisting of 8 weekly, 2 hrs sessions to maximise learning skills. The course is an introduction to mindfulness practices for self-development. for complete beginners as well a those who have had some experience of meditation.

 Fee: £350.00

Book Now!

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DAY: Sunday
FORMAT: 4 Sessions + Retreat
DATE: Starts 12. June 2016
TIME: 16.30-20.30
LOCATION: 6 Fitzroy Square

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