Mindfulness in the Workplace

Change is a natural part of life, yet we often having difficulty coping with it.


Give me a call or email me for your tailor made workplace program.

Workshop titles include:

12 Mindfulness Tools to let go of stress and embrace Resilience in our Frantic lives

Re-wiring our Neanderthal brains for greater happiness and less stress at work

The Art of Communication- Mindfulness tools for better relationships, negotiation skills and emotional intelligence

10 Top Tips to re-wire the brain for Increased Creativity and Performance

Getting your 5 a day. No green juice required – Work life Balance

The Importance of doing nothing on Purpose – Preventing Burn out, increasing creativity & divergent thinking

Mindful movement – Finding calm in our Busy city and letting go of tension and postural related disorders

The 10 most important secrets for Better Sleep

A Pain in the neck – Practical tools on How to look after your neck and back for less pain.

Mindful Eating and sipping for greater vitality

Search inside – Cultivating resilience, better relationships and riding the waves of our challenging world

Mindfulness in the workplace and mindfulness in leadership are at the forefront of brain training for optimal performance , reduction in absenteeism, presenteeism, relationship management, wellbeing and resilience. HR, Occupational Health and Leadership management are finding that mindfulness training & coaching is invaluable and has long term benefits.Many large Multinational’s are enjoying the benefits of Mindfulness training.

The government is supporting Mindfulness in the workplace as an evidence based approach to emotional intelligence,�� relationship & team building and stress reduction too. Check out the all party agenda:

Mindfulness Training in the Workplace workshops incorporate aspects of Cognitive Behaviour Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology, Movement therapy and Meditation.

With so much change going on in our frantic world  it makes sense to support staff in developing skills of resilience for adaptability.

Stress, anxiety and depression are the second most common causes for work related illness.

It is well researched that a Resilient, Mindful, Emotional Intelligent workforce is more:

  • positive
  • productive,
  • creative,
  • happier,
  • loyal,
  • satisfied with their work and career
  • greater sense of wellbeing
  •  happier work/life balance
  • able to focus concentration and for longer
  • Self-confidence
  • Assertive
  • Empathic

The same training also reduces:

  • absenteeism
  • staff sickness,
  • stress, anxiety & depression
  • staff turnover
  • Communication problems
  • Unhealthy temper tantrums & impatience

Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence are  ways of looking at how we work and lead us to greater fulfillment, new ways of managing our communications, compassion, awareness, focused attention, none-judgement, acceptance, equanimity, how to enjoy relationships and creative ways of working.Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness lead to happier,  more fulfilling, healthier and more successful careers and personal lives.

Mindfulness is a practice of creating the habit of identifying and analysing the validity of our thoughts, sensations, and emotions, before deciding on an effective course of action is a skill we can all learn and benefit from.

Mindfulness improves communication and promotes understanding. It assists in problem solving and increases productivity and creativity. Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness practices reduce stress and as a result stimulates better physical and emotional health. Mindful individuals are more peaceful, and interact calmly with others thus inspiring peaceful work and home environments.

13.4 million working days a year are lost through work related stress, and costs the UK economy £3.8 billion a year!

Mindfulness is a vital and effective tool for stress reduction. Employee Wellbeing is critical for success in our high performance culture.

Mindfulmind offers fun and practical coaching 121′s, bite-sized workshops, and events in organisations for Resilience, Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence for positive Stress reduction in London and Kent.  

Mindfulmind has designed workshops to help staff develop a powerful and effective formula for stress reduction and improved wellbeing.

These methods have been shown to reduce staff turnover by 25% and reduce staff absence too! Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is a clinically proven intervention in stress, anxiety and depression treatment. MBSR also promotes physical and emotional wellbeing and is recommended by NICE and the NHS.

Mindfulness benefits employees and employers at any stage of life in the following ways:

  • strengthen concentration and creativity
  • release stress at physical, emotional levels as well as addressing burn out symptoms
  • integrate the workplace and support team efficacy
  • learn self-help tools
  • develop self understanding in awareness of the effects of our thought on our emotions and bodies
  • develop awareness that compassion, living in the moment, and acceptance of ourselves and others is the key to effective thinking  and communication.

We take care of the future best by taking care of the present.” Jon Kabat Zinn
mindfulness and leadership video

Mindfulmind workshops increase staff satisfaction, teams efficacy, output, loyalty, resilience and happiness.Taking some time out regularly helps us to regain our distance from our work and access our healthy, creative and sustainable thinking patterns. The workshops and 121′s are experiential, practical & tailor-made.

Aspects included are:

  • breathing and relaxation techniques,. Practice of observing that thoughts are not facts.
  • mindful eating, observing our senses, Home practice.
  • mindful senses, observing our thoughts and not reacting to them accept when problems solving is required
  • mindfulness body scan meditation, De-cluttering your mind.
  • mindful movements, How to integrate mindfulness into everyday life
  • mindful walking. Understanding our bodies and breathing as sources of information and how to react effectively to this. Communicate findings for effective work practices
  • mindful posture, & self massage for back and neck issues. Future of Mindful practice in work/life balance

I have over 30 years experience in Stress Reduction and over 12 years as a Counsellor & Psychotherapist. I have trained to the levels MINDNET.org has agreed for effective teacher training. I have given workshops to groups, schools, NHS, networking events & businesses.

Don’t believe a word I say. Investigate, Experiment. Invite me in and see how your colleagues benefit!

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