Mindfulness Workshops


“Excellent workshop. Very calming, helpful and clear instructions.”

“Wonderful, felt very soothed through the whole workshop”.

“Helpful, calm, approachable and knowledgeable. Belinda was a very good advert for Mindfulness.”

�����Open, informative, helpful, none judgmental, fun, lovely voice”.

Try Meditating instead of medicating!

“Mindfulness is the willingness and capacity to be equally present with all events and experiences with discernment, curiosity and kindness.” (writes Christina Feldman).

Our lives are best enjoyed moment by moment. Mindfulness meditation is an everyday practice.
Mindfulness is not paying attention, but paying attention differently and more wisely and kindly – with the whole mind and heart, and using the full resources of the body and senses.

Mindfulness is mind-body training. A way to rewire your brain from Neanderthal reactions to 2016 responses to cope with our changing, challenging world and present stresses. Like surfing waves, storms, calm seas and everything in between, calmly with acceptance and willingness, letting go, with a beginners mind, open, enjoying the sun and the nature of change. Belinda brings, her extensive knowledge, practice, fun and creativity to her teaching.
Mindfulness based Stress Reduction and Cognitive Therapy have been recommended by the NHS, NICE, The Mental Health Foundation and the Mindfulness Initiative for reduction of Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Health Management, greater resilience and stress reduction at work.

My next MBSR course is run form my favourite mindfulness place in London: The London Mindfulness Project at Fitzroy Sq, London. And By special request, over 4 Sundays!

Book NOW! Book this unique Sunday Mindfulness training and benefit from truly blissful Sundays!!




FORMAT:4 Sessions + Retreat

DATE: Starts 12. June 2016


LOCATION:6 Fitzroy Square
DATES: 12. June – 7. August
Session 1: 12. June
Session 2: 26. June
Session 3: 10. July
Session 4: 7. August
FULL DAY RETREAT: 24. July (10.00-16.00)


Sun, 21st Feb 1-2.30pm Re-wiring your brain for better Sleep – Thoughts are not Facts! No6
Wed, 2rd Mar 1pm Feet don’t fail me now
Sun, 13th Mar 1-2.30pm OPTIMAL SLEEP PERFORMANCE – How can we best take care of ourselves? No7
Sun, 17th Apr 1-2.30pm SLEEP PLANNING: Developing individual wellbeing plans. Revisiting mindfulness practices over the 8 sessions
Wed, 27th Apr 1pm Be Appy – How to build your mindful life
Wed, 11th May 1pm 10 Benefits of Mindful Practice for Busy People Survival in the City
Tue, 14th Jun 9pm Mindful Swimming
Mon, 18th Jul 1pm Mind the gap – How to Be. Grow your self esteem