Mindfulness Workshops


“Excellent workshop. Very calming, helpful and clear instructions.”

“Wonderful, felt very soothed through the whole workshop”.

“Helpful, calm, approachable and knowledgeable. Belinda was a very good advert for Mindfulness.”

“Open, informative, helpful, none judgmental, fun, lovely voice”.

Try Meditating instead of medicating!


Belinda Freeman’s Tunbridge Wells Mindfulness School has arrived AT Freestyle Yoga Project High Street, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

“Mindfulness is the willingness and capacity to be equally present with all events and experiences with discernment, curiosity and kindness.” (writes Christina Feldman).

Our lives are best enjoyed moment by moment. Mindfulness meditation is an everyday practice.
Mindfulness is not paying attention, but paying attention differently and more wisely and kindly – with the whole mind and heart, and using the full resources of the body and senses.

Mindfulness is mind-body training. A way to rewire your brain from Neanderthal reactions to 2016 responses to cope with our changing, challenging world and present stresses. Like surfing waves, storms, calm seas and everything in between, calmly with acceptance and willingness, letting go, with a beginners mind, open, enjoying the sun and the nature of change. Belinda brings, her extensive knowledge, practice, fun and creativity to her teaching.
Mindfulness based Stress Reduction and Cognitive Therapy have been recommended by the NHS, NICE, The Mental Health Foundation and the Mindfulness Initiative for reduction of Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Health Management, greater resilience and stress reduction at work.

Wednesday Weekly Meditation Sessions at Freestyle Yoga Project Tunbridge Wells 42 High St.
This is an open class for all levels to introduce the attributes an intentions of mediation in sitting, walking, moving, lying and everyday activities. The meditations are secular. We will have a different intention every week. Class is on Wednesday 16th March and then again weekly after Easter Wed 13th April. 3.4 hr £10.00 per session of pay for 6 and get the 7th FREE. Payable in advance direct to Belinda.

BOOKING PAYABLE IN ADVANCE. LIMITED AVAILABILITY By BACS Ms B Freeman, sort code 20-88-13 Account number 10517577 REF INMIND3BE Contact belinda@mindfulmind.co.uk
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Coming up in April
Saturday Mindfulness based stress reduction 2hr Workshop to cultivate curiosity, open mindedness, and the experience of Mindfulness Meditations, Movements, attributes and their benefits on your mind, senses and body sensations as practiced in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Cognitive Therapy 8wk training. An opportunity to explore retraining your brain to be more calm and contented, responding to the challenges of 2016 rather than reacting to our, Neanderthal survival hard-wiring; thoughts, emotions, perceptions and assumptions to allow everything to become your teacher and ride the waves our our challenges in the present moment. A way of improving the quality of our life and health.
Workshop Free £20.00
BOOKING PAYABLE IN ADVANCE. LIMITED AVAILABILITY By BACS Ms B Freeman, sort code 20-88-13 Account number 10517577 REF INMIND3BE Contact belinda@mindfulmind.co.uk

Will start in March Wedesdays. More details soooon.

BOOKING IN ADVANCE ESSENTIAL. Enjoy the present £200.00 including handbook, handouts, etc. By BACS Ms B Freeman, sort code 20-88-13 Account number 10517577 REF MBSR1BE Contact belinda@mindfulmind.co.uk

Mindfulness has developed and gain well deserved positive attention over recent years as a tried-and-tested method of reducing stress, and stress related illness, pain, anxiety, depression, aging, cancer, pregnancy and postnatal depression, fertility issues, ADHD, mental health issues, childhood anxiety as well as increasing coping with challenges in our daily lives, workplace, creativity, relationships, leadership. By helping us to focus our attention on what is, in the present moment and not getting swept up in worrying or negative thoughts about the past or future, we are learning to enjoy, be grateful and compassionate with what is here now! A regular practice can help us to:
• Learn to cope better with the pressures, changes and challenges of our busy culture.
• Witness our thoughts, feelings and behaviours and cultivate a new perspective on them to reduce suffering and emotional turmoil.
• Learn how our brains and nervous system work in adding to stress and upgrade them with mindfulness for soothing, calm, wise actions and contentment. Practice balanced thinking and actions.
About the course:
The MBSR and MBCT are recognised, evidence based and established mindfulness courses, taught all over the world, that changes our perspective to cope better with the difficulties and challenges that our life presents, illness, anxiety, stress, depression and anxiety. This eight-week life-skills course combines experiential mindfulness practices with the latest tools and techniques of neurosciences, psychology and the study of wellbeing. It will include mindfulness meditation practices, gentle stretching and movement, group dialogue and discussion, individually tailored instructions and home assignments. The course consists of eight, two-hour sessions. The full-day retreat will be uniquely designed as an exercise in incorporating mindfulness into the flow of life and will include a variety of guided practices, a silent lunch and an afternoon of meditation.

To be advised: 6 hrs of meditation with a 1 hour lunch. Open to all graduates of MBSR/MBCT
As is the tradition, this day is for silent meditation and is guided by Belinda nurturing sitting, walking, body scan, mindful movement and eating. It is a great day to enjoy a digital detox and focus on looking after yourself. Mindful loving kindness.

Day cost £75.00 BOOKING PAYABLE IN ADVANCE Limited places By BACS Ms B Freeman, sort code 20-88-13 Account number 10517577 REF: RETREAT1BE Contact belinda@mindfulmind.co.uk

Class for those who have undertaken mindfulness training. 1hr session oevenings 6.30 – 7.30pm coming up.


Mindfulness 8 week training program on Wednesday evenings and retreat day
Mindful Eating for greater pleasure, vitality and size management
Mindfulness for Better Sleep – Day and evening sessions
Mindfulness for Increased Creativity and Productivity
The Art of Communication – The mindful approach to calmer, better relationships,
Rewiring your brain for more happiness and less stress in the workplace. the mindful way.
Mindful Nature – Walking and embodying mindfulness in everyday life
If everything is so good, Why do I feel so bad?
Mindful movement
Mindfulness based Pregnancy, Childbirth and Parenting Weekend sessions
Mindfulness for calm parents and children
Mindfulness for Wellbeing and reducing the Stress of the Menopause
Mindfulness based Stress Reduction for Fertility Issues

Please email belinda@mindfulmind.co.uk for inclusion, information on all courses. I will respond to you Monday to Friday as soon as possible.


Sun, 21st Feb 1-2.30pm Re-wiring your brain for better Sleep – Thoughts are not Facts! No6
Wed, 2rd Mar 1pm Feet don’t fail me now
Sun, 13th Mar 1-2.30pm OPTIMAL SLEEP PERFORMANCE – How can we best take care of ourselves? No7
Sun, 17th Apr 1-2.30pm SLEEP PLANNING: Developing individual wellbeing plans. Revisiting mindfulness practices over the 8 sessions
Wed, 27th Apr 1pm Be Appy – How to build your mindful life
Wed, 11th May 1pm 10 Benefits of Mindful Practice for Busy People Survival in the City
Tue, 14th Jun 9pm Mindful Swimming
Mon, 18th Jul 1pm Mind the gap – How to Be. Grow your self esteem

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