Mindful Eating

Buddhists say “You aren’t what you eat, but how!”

Put an end to dieting, bloating, guilt and overeating.

Would you like to put an end to mindless eating through cravings and old habits? Do you sometimes notice that you have just stuffed your food down in a hurry and have hardly noticed it?

Our workshops put back the pleasure of eating. They give you the chance to change your relationship with food and eating. Food is a powerful sensual experience that engages all our senses. We are often seduced by aromas, sights, sounds, feelings and tastes of food.

Mindfulness is an active state of being aware, in the moment. We need all our senses to enjoy eating. We analyse colour and shape, we are affected by its attractiveness. We smell the food, cooked or uncooked so that we can tell if the food is vibrant and full of energy. We need to taste the food and savour all the different flavours from chewing. We need to observe what we like and don’t like. We need to observe the texture and hear what happens as we chew.

Mindfulness awareness gives us time to enjoy our food and choose to eat when we are hungry and what is useful to use rather than habitual or emotional eating. Mindful meditation gives us the opportunity to slow down and listen to our minds and bodies. This gives us the chance to change how we respond or choose not to respond fully in awareness and in the present.

During the workshops you will benefit from guided meditations, developing your awareness and compassion towards yourself. A workbook and video will be provided support you developing your mindfulness meditation and how you can merge benefits into all areas of your life.

All are welcome to this workshop, but especially  people who have bloating, digestive problems, eating issues and weight issues.

Learn how conditioning sabotages our health and how the 7 hungers can help us to eat well and guilt free. No diets, just becoming intimate with our minds and bodies and changing habits, coming off autopilot eating for more enjoyment and choice.

Mindfulness is a mental mode of being engaged in the present moment without evaluating or emotionally reacting to it.

Savour!  Change you eating habits for guilt free, joy and wellbeing!

Mindful Eating Coaching available as a 6 week program at The Third Space Medical Centre. 02074397332