Mindfulness of Sleep

How to improve your amount of sleep and quality of rest with Mindfulness Meditations and cognitive therapy.

Would you like to learn how to calm you mind? Learn how to release relaxant and uplifting brain chemicals. Create a new default setting for deeper relaxation and peace of mind.

Mindfulness and mindful meditation support you in changing old conscious and un-conscious habits. We will explore our hard-wiring and experience how we can change our responses with neurosciences, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Complementary medicine, and the effects of meditation on the brain and mind. Mindfulness is a mind-body practise, which enables you to sense difficulties with greater clarity and enables you to face them in a calm, more creative, confident, and emotionally balanced way. Paying attention, being compassionate and accepting, frees us from tension, fear and anxiety, takes us off autopilot and  allow us to live in the moment.

The Mindfulmind workshop focuses on coaching you in practical ways to cultivate relaxation, peace of mind and sleep. This workshop is an opportunity to learn how to use your breath to calm your nervous system, release tension and calm the mind. It includes, stretching and movements, mindful eating and drinking, body scan, guided meditation and visualisations. You are supported in the 8 week program with a handbook and access to videos and downloads of MP3s

I run regular introductory workshops in London and the South East at Clubs, in the workplace as Well as the full 4 week program. Now at Freestyle Yoga Project In High St Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Mindfulness for Better Sleep, Tunbridge Wells, Kent A 4 workshop course Coming Soon

I am running an introduction Practical tips Mindfulness for Better Sleep on:m at Shoreditch House, Ebor St, London E1 6AW.

Sun, 21st Feb 1-2.30pm Re-wiring your brain for better Sleep – Thoughts are not Facts! No6
Sun, 13th Mar 1-2.30pm OPTIMAL SLEEP PERFORMANCE – How can we best take care of ourselves? No7
Sun, 17th Apr 1-2.30pm SLEEP PLANNING: Developing individual wellbeing plans. Revisiting mindfulness

If you would like to attend and not a member, I may be able to offer a guest. Happy sleeping.

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