The Art Of Communication

The Art of Communication – An introduction to 5 Keys to Mindfulness in relationships, and Emotional Intelligence. Nurture letting go of unhelpful conscious and unconscious patterns and frustrations to create healthy, can do, relationships. In this session we explore mindful awareness, being present in this moment and how bringing an […]
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Mindful Swimming

 Meditation and mindfulness to action. Create more enjoyment and wellbeing from swimming! Improve your technique, mobility, breathing, performance, connection, concentration, and meditate. Increase awareness of your sense of pleasure, ease and gratitude as you glide through life’s waters, whatever the weather? Mindful swimming is an art, a combination of movement, […]
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10 top Mindfulness Secrets to focus your creativity.

Being creative is a passion. When it is flowing, it can seem all consuming, overwhelming, so many ideas, or no ideas, and lots of pressure. Sometimes it’s difficult getting to sleep after a day of juggling relationships, eating, exercise, work deadlines and switching off becomes illusive. Worry, anxiety, frustration, nagging […]
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Coming to your senses

This workshop is a practical & experiential workshop on the benefits of being present An opportunity to rest in your senses and enjoying exploring and being present in Mindful seeing, hearing, tasting and your body senses. An everyday way of practicing Mindfulness meditation. Often we as so busy, we get […]
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Are You Getting Your Five-a-Day at Work?

We live in an age where busy-ness and being switched on 24/7 are the norm! Anxiety, stress, low mood, sleep problems and concerns about mental health are endemic. In order to be successful and resilient in this age of distraction, we need to cultivate attention, self-awareness and emotional regulation. In […]
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