10 top Mindfulness Secrets to focus your creativity.

Being creative is a passion. When it is flowing, it can seem all consuming, overwhelming, so many ideas, or no ideas, and lots of pressure.

Sometimes it’s difficult getting to sleep after a day of juggling relationships, eating, exercise, work deadlines and switching off becomes illusive. Worry, anxiety, frustration, nagging perfectionism, scattered and scatty mind, make our goals seem like they are lost in the mists. As if we are stuck in a plane on the tarmac waiting for the mist to clear and we can take off!

Mindfulness based cognitive therapy can help you find calm and clarity in a crazy and amazing life. Coming off autopilot thinking, cultivating focused attention, doing things differently, with a beginners mind, curious, with present moment awareness and kind attitudes, we gather our minds to focus on what is.

Belinda’s Mindfulness session helps you cultivate playfulness and attention with guided meditations, stretching movement and activities.