Are You Getting Your Five-a-Day at Work?

We live in an age where busy-ness and being switched on 24/7 are the norm! Anxiety, stress, low mood, sleep problems and concerns about mental health are endemic. In order to be successful and resilient in this age of distraction, we need to cultivate attention, self-awareness and emotional regulation.

In this session we cultivate our 5 a day wellbeing plan, so work and fun are balanced with fitness and happy life. Learn 5 simple tools to increase your happiness and get your work-life balance right.

These tools not only help you structure you day more effectively, make you happier, but also more productive. The Institute of Directors has identified emotional and physical wellbeing at work as the ‘next big thing’. Learn amazingly simple actions that improve our own satisfaction in the working day?  

Just by turning up, you’ll get two of your five-a-day (no spinach required)