Breaking bad habits

10 top coping strategies of craving and addictions.

Can Mindfulness help you drink less, stop drinking or quit smoking?

Habits, cravings, binges and addictions are mainly coping strategies for stress and our thinking around survival. Some of our habits are mentored by others. We may be unconscious of when they started or when we perpetuate them. They become like autopilot reactions. Other habits we develop to overcome unwanted thoughts, memories and feelings we want to get away from, numb out or avoid. Other cravings and addictions are about wanting to heighten out sense of pleasure.

We as humans always want to get away from what we perceive as unpleasant and get more of what we perceive as pleasant. Unfortunately, this can lead to very unhealthy habits and unhelpful was of taking care of ourselves and does not help us understand how to work with life’s challenges and opportunities as part of life experience.

People with addictions understand craving better than most of us. Craving is a very concrete, immediate problem that’s causing havoc in their lives, and they’re looking for a solution.

Mindfulness training has been sown to be excellent in riding out the urges and cravings and developing health strategies for stress reduction, coping with difficult feelings and thoughts.

In this workshop we will develop our understanding of our habits and how we can take care of triggers, urges, cravings with mindfulness and self compassion as well as creating new healthy and effective ways of coping with our emotions, thoughts and feelings. We will cultivate self soothing and useful tools such as R. A .I. N