Coming to your senses

This workshop is a practical & experiential workshop on the benefits of being present

An opportunity to rest in your senses and enjoying exploring and being present in Mindful seeing, hearing, tasting and your body senses. An everyday way of practicing Mindfulness meditation.

Often we as so busy, we get lost in our heads, thinking about the future, the past,

what other people might be thinking and not enjoying what we have in the present. We miss out on what we have right now. We miss out on your life and rewiring our brain to enjoy the present by coming to your senses!

With awareness we can savour the flavour, enjoy the landscape of sound, colour, texture, aroma.

Being present is also an opportunity to switch off autopilot thinking, and be with what is, A mindful mediation in the moment.

Noticing what is present helps us to be calm, enjoy, peaceful, clear thinking, compassionate enjoy with gratitude what we have now and respond and pay attention to our lives and relationships.

Enjoy the fun of coming to your senses!