Drop in Meditation

Good Morning Sunshine or Good evening calm setting sun meditation sessions.

Morning sessions to sooth and stretch you body and mind ready to the opportunities of the day. Create an open door for calm, resilience, and perspective.  Stress proof your day.

Evening meditations are focused on letting go and resting our minds and bodies. We will cultivate calming the monkey mind and nervous system. Prepare yourself for a blissful evening, deep sleep or beginning your day again!

From Mountain meditation, to working with difficulty and pain, Belinda guides you through a wide range of mindfulness based stress reduction meditations and her unique repertoire of healing, health and wellbeing meditations. 1 hour, weekly sessions. Meditation for all seasons.

You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf

Jon Kabat Zinn

During these sessions Belinda facilitates your meditation practice and cultivate mindfulness skills including: awareness, presence, willingness to do things differently, calm, contentment, opening minded curiosity, commitment to practice, none judgment, wisdom, skillful problem solving, playfulness, self-compassion, kindness, emotional intelligence, focus and equanimity. There will be movement, standing, sound, sight, sitting, eating, drinking, walking and lying down meditations.

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Ask your company if they would like to cultivate work wellbeing and ask for sessions at work including lunch and learn 30 min sessions.