Feet Don’t fail me now!

Ever felt like you got ants in your pants and you want to dance? Your feet were being pulled in opposite directions? Stabilise your mind with your body. Be well rooted, resilient, calm, feet on the ground. When troubles, stress, & drama threaten to sweep you off your feet massage your feet.

We often don’t look after our feet but when we do, Woo Wee! It feels so good! When we take care of our feet we notice our mind ‘s kinda calm too. A practical workshop: reflexology, mindful meditations. Show your feet a little respect and love .

Look after your feet and you are looking after you whole body.  A workshop including the importance of feeling grounded in our crazy world where we can literally get blown off our feet Gain insight into –bio-mechanicals, neurology, myofascia, reflexology and the importance of looking after the structure of our feet.

Learn practical, everyday tips to keep your feet on the ground feet, focus on moving forward on life’s journey, step by step.