Hardwiring Happiness

The 10 Mindful Secrets for hardwiring your brain for less stress and more happiness!

A practical introduction to the benefits of the practice of mindfulness in everyday life.

This is a 1 hr taster, proactive, practical workshop with discussions, experiments and short meditations. We will expand upon the definition, theory, benefits, methods of training, neuroscience and why mindfulness training increases performance, problem solving skills, creativity, mental acuity, resilience and wellbeing.

We can train ourselves, like going to the gym, to choose to be calm, kind, happy, curious, in working with the challenges and difficulties in life


  • Reduce the effects of stress on your mind and body
  • Increase wellbeing, resilience, satisfaction and equanimity,
  • Boost your attention, concentration and problem solving skills
  • Improve your communication skills & interpersonal sensitivity
  • Reduce reactiveness, habits and cravings, reduce burnout
  • Increase positivity and ability to relax and let go of worry and anxiety
  • Reduce sleep disturbances, fatigue and headaches
  • Increase sense of purpose, self efficacy and soothing
  • Be present with what is, in place of lost in old repetitive and often negative thinking patterns.

Enhancing human potential through the therapeutic use of mindfulness across our lifespan