Mindful Eating

Eating EQ- Eating your way to vitality and less stress eating – 50 ways to sooth yourself without food

Cultivating Mindful consuming, the No diet, diet, for a balanced relationship with food and drink that is for more fun, increases vitality, positivity, improves digestion and be your perfect weight.

Mindful eating supports changing unhelpful, old eating and drinking habits. Mindfulness training helps us gently let go of autopilot/mindless consuming.

Mindfulness meditations and experiments teach us how to cope with stress, strong urges and have a healthier approach to eating the foods that we feel we cannot live without.

When practicing mindfulness based stress reduction, every mouthful is an opportunity to have an adventure, eat differently, paying attention, have a beginners mind, being curious, present with what is, to enjoy the moment, savour the flavour, texture, aroma, sight, and enjoy the experience of our sensations.

This process of simply doing one activity, calms the nervous and digestive system and allowing us to  let go of stress reactions, relax, breath, be open minded, sense our experience, being open to more pleasant experiences and how we can best take care of ourselves

What we eat today, affects our mood, our energy, and thinking