Mindfulness for stress & Fertility

Mindfulness for stress & Fertility Taster session

Workshop or full day workshop

In this practical experiential workshop we explore some of the mindfulness meditations, attitudes and practices that make up the 8-week program. This workshop is an opportunity to “dip your toe” in a life skill of brain training meditations for more calm and ease in life’s difficulties.

Mindfulness is the art of attending to the present moment, moment by moment with whatever is, none judgmentally, with acceptance and kindness.

It is a skill that can be learned with daily practice to rewire the brain from it’s leaning towards striving, negative bias, perceived threat and cortisol based reactivity. Mindfulness practice is simple and can be included in everyday activities.

When we are anxious, our body, emotions, nervous system, thoughts and associations react unconsciously. Mindfulness based cognitive therapy and mindful self compassion cultivate awareness and attention which help us to reduce reactivity and focus our attention towards acceptance, letting go, non striving and the calm of the Oxytocin system with compassion, kindness and less stress.

Mindfulness based cognitive therapy can be like a safe island to check out of stress reactions , weather the storms of our emotions and get a different perspective. Research has shown that doing mindfulness meditation training, in addition to its effect on stress reduction, also causes significant increase in mental clarity, mental health and decreases physical stress, low mood, anxiety and panic.  Mindfulness for Stress and fertility issues is an intervention specifically for those suffering with stress and fertility issues.  Specifically for couples or individuals who are undergoing treatment or recovery from treatment. Participants are expected to commit to mindfulness meditation and practices with an attitude of non-striving and self-care.