Taming The Tiger

We all suffer with frustration, irritation, anxiety and anger but how do we cope with these feelings?

Taming The Tiger is an interactive workshop focused on providing people with the tools to mindfully manage difficult emotional states from anger to sadness without being overwhelmed. This helps improve emotional and physical wellbeing in life.

All our emotions are useful information and should not be ignored but welcomed as part of our complete self. It’s how we react; how it affects wellbeing, relationships, mood and others. We can learn from them, be curious, expand around, walk around them observing, pausing before action! Mindfully rewiring our reactions.

Develop Mindfulness attitudes; pausing, meditating, getting some space and perspective. Transform your wild tiger into a purring, best friend. We can learn mindful patience, acceptance, none-judgment, compassion and cultivate our inner wisdom (Intuition).

Reported benefits of Mindfulness:

  • Greater satisfaction, Joy & contentment
  • Enhanced creativity and focus
  • Improved self-awareness and awareness of others
  • Improved decision making ability and problem solving
  • Improved performance, sleep and relaxation,
  • Heightened ability to manage stress and prevent stress
  • More satisfying relationships
  • Higher levels of emotional stability/intelligence and resilience
  • Increased levels of presenteeism, acceptance, gratitude, compassion, wellbeing and equanimity.