The Art Of Communication

The Art of Communication – An introduction to 5 Keys to Mindfulness in relationships, and Emotional Intelligence.

Nurture letting go of unhelpful conscious and unconscious patterns and frustrations to create healthy, can do, relationships.

In this session we explore mindful awareness, being present in this moment and how bringing an open, curious, beginners mind offering compassion to ourselves, acknowledging differences and being willing can open up a vast new way of working with problem solving. Using meditation to calm the mind we can cultivate skillful action and bring issues to workbench of the mind where we can use our full resources of reactions, emotions, senses, feelings and to future proof our negotiating and navigation skills for better relationship. We can then stepping out of power plays for more calm relationships.

A practical, experiential, fun, introduction to the cultivation of mindful attitudes, emotional intelligence, meditation and stress reduction. Big picture perspectives, assumptions and association, help us understand ourselves and others. We will explore ANT’s that may sabotage relationships and hijack our emotions. An evidence-based approach to stress reduction, increasing calm and confidence in relationships. 

The benefits of Mindful practice include:

Happier – calm

Open minded – willingness to begin again

Non-judgmental – satisfaction

Wellbeing – emotional literacy

Concentration – present

Empathic – optimistic

Clearer communication – creative problems solving

Compassionate – resilience